This add-on helps you to improve your clients’ satisfaction. It Allows your clients to open support tickets with just one click from their Orders dashboard.

If you’re selling by using WooCommerce, offering support to your clients after the purchase is very important.

When you have it all together in just one place it becomes much easier for your clients and yourself. By installing this add-on, tickets and orders will work together to offer your clients a great experience when purchasing on your store.

Once the add-on is installed, each ticket can be linked to an order.

If the client has made a purchase on your store it means that they are already registered in your website, that way your clients can login into their accounts by using the WP Ticket Ultra Login page.

Once the client is logged in he/she will see the “Orders” icon at the top menu.

The above section is an improvement of the WooCommerce account. The module displays clearly what orders are completed, on-hold, processing, etc.

If the client is having issues with an order all he/she has to do is open a ticket by clicking on the “Get Help” button.

How The Client Gets Help?:

After clicking the “Get Help” button, the client will be taken to the ticket form which displays the purchased products list.

The client then selects the product for the Ticket.

All the fields in this form are mandatory. The client must fill out Subject, Comments, Priority and Department.

Optionally, the client can upload pictures of the product.

Once the client clicks the “Submit” button, the ticket is created.

The product is then automatically linked to the ticket. This allows you and your clients to manage tickets and purchases all in one place. Plus, the product sell & the support is handled by WP Ticket Ultra from the client’s account.

How The Client Check The Order Details?


A Complete details of the order can be seeing through the WP Ticket Ultra Users Account. There is no need to send the client to the WooCommerce user account, this add-on allows your user to manage all the purchases in just one place.

Complete order details can be seeing through the WP Ticket Ultra Users Account. There is no need to send the client to the WooCommerce user account.

The “Order Details” screen allows user to open a ticket as well. Each product has a “Get Help” button which makes it even easier for the clients to request help for a purchase.

Updating Billing & Shipping Information:

Another great option of the WooCommerce add-on is that it allows your clients to update their shipping and billing information, this will then sync with the WooCommerce shipping & billing information.





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