Staff Backend

Although WP Ticket Ultra comes with a powerful Backend for administrators, we know that there will be times that you need to manage a team and allow them to reply to tickets without giving them your WordPress admin credentials. By installing either TeamProfessional, or Enterprise versions, your staff members will be able to login to their accounts and manage tickets opened by your clients

The staff member has a login form that’s different from the default WordPress login.

Once the staff member is logged in, a clear and minimalist dashboard is displayed. The Dashboard displays useful information to help staff members respond quickly and efficiently to client tickets.

Ticket Summary:

This section displays quick information about the current status of the opened tickets. This will give the staff member a clear picture about what tickets need a first reply, what tickets are open, or even what tickets haven’t been replied to by the client.

Checking what tickets have been replied to by the clients and require further communication from your staff is very easy.

Also, the staff member can check what tickets are waiting for the client’s reply.

How The Staff Members Create Tickets?

We’ve written a clear tutorial about this feature. Click here to check it out.

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