Private Credentials

Protecting your clients’ private information is a crucial part of running a successful business.

The Private Credentials Add-on allows your clients to provide critical information with confidence. All sensitive information is encrypted in a secure database. This means that even if your database is hacked, hackers won’t be able to obtain the client’s information.

On occasion, it’s necessary for you to ask your clients for access data to their hosting accounts or WordPress Dashboard, even Credit Card Information. You have a responsibility to your customers to protect this information. Encryption procedures like the ones offered here are just what you need.

Many sites have their clients post their private information in the ticket message which is stored in plain text and not encrypted. This makes that information extremely vulnerable. Using the Private Credentials add-on rectifies this lack of security.

The Private Credentials Add-on uses openssl_encrypt and method AES-256-CBC to encrypt information, making it virtually impossible to decrypt the stored information.

How Does The Client Use The Private Credentials Module?

When your client creates a ticket, the Private Credentials section is displayed and the client can add protected data by clicking on the “Add New” link.

The following form will be displayed.

Once the form is filled out, the client clicks on the “Submit” button. This will add the Private Credential to the list as displayed below.

All the provided information is encrypted in the database:

Advantages of Using This Add-on:

  1. An Additional Barrier Against Hackers.
  2. Your customers can delete their credentials at any time.
  3. Removing or changing the private key in wp-config will immediately render all prior saved credentials useless




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