Custom Fields

There are times when you need to ask clients more information in order to offer a better support experience. For example, if you’re selling cellular phones and a client is having an issue you would need to ask more than the common information such as “subject”,  “department”, “description”.

Here is when the “Custom Fields” add-on will help you . Let’s say that you need to ask for a phone “model”, or even you would need to ask the clients what kind of issue they are experiencing, it could be that the “screen” crashed, the battery is not charging etc.

This useful add-on allow you to create Custom Fields by Departments, making it even much more flexible. The information you need for technical support is not the same than the information you need for a billing issue.  The Custom fields will will be displayed depending on the department the client choices.

Multiple Field Types:

Yes, you can choice between 6 field types. Even, multi-choice is available.

Dynamic Behavior:

The custom fields will be displayed only if the client clicks on the department. This example shows custom fields for the Technical Department.

Different information depending on the department the client choices. The “order” number field is displayed only for the “Billing Department”


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