Canned Responses

Writing the same replies over and over again can be annoying and time consuming. Generating client responses can take up to a minute per reply. If ten people open tickets with the same question, you’ll spend upwards of ten minutes creating each reply. Why spend so much of your valuable time on this when you could reply with just one click, saving you hours of work every day

Though she be little, this tiny add-on saves you a lot of time. It’s perfect for decreasing time spent creating replies and optimizes the time you or your staff spend on replying to tickets.

By Clicking on the Canned Responses link you will see a list of the current canned responses.

As you can see it’s possible to add canned responses by products. This means that you can organize the canned products to be more efficient. For example, “Product A” might have different canned responses than “Product B.”

Adding a new canned response:

Click on the “Add New” Button

From here, fill out the following form. (All fields of this form are mandatory.):

Please note: If you set “All Products” in the product dropdown menu, then the canned response will be added to all of your product. This will save you even more time when creating responses for multiple products, or in this case, all of them.

If you wish to make the new canned response visible only to one product, then simply select your desired product from the list.

This is an example of a very useful Canned Response

Template Tags:

Click on the “Tags” button and a popup window with useful tags will be displayed. These tags can be embedded within the canned response to save you even more time.


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