Activity Tracker

At some point you will need to check what’s happening between staff members and clients in real time. For that reason we have created this little but useful add-on that lets you keep a log of all the main actions when creating or replying tickets.

Displaying all the ticket’s activity:

Displaying staff’s activity:

The add-on comes with multiple filters, if you need to check the activity of a particular staff member all you have to do is clicking on the “Staff” drop&down list box and select your desired staff member.

Once you have select the staff member you have to click on the “Filter” button and you will see only the activity of that particular staff member.

Displaying ticket’s activity:

If you wish you can also display the activity of a particular Ticket only. All you have to do is input the Ticket ID on the “Input a Ticekt ID here” box.

In our example only the activity of the Ticket with ID “4” is displayed.

Displaying product’s activity:

This filter allows you to see all the activity of a particular product.

Only the activity of the selected product is displayed.

Filtering by action and date:

You can also filter by actions, in this example we will display only the replies posted by the staff members in a certain day.


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